Floating Hat in Barisal

Floating Hat sitting in the southern districts of Jhalakathi and Swarupkathi. There are three such nearby hamlets – Bimoruli, Atghar and Kuryiana. Seasonal fruits and vegetables are available in the first two. The other is the boat market. First to go to Jhalakathi district headquarters, it is possible to move to these 3 markets within one day.

Floating Hat

Vimoruli hat

The floating hats sit all year round in the small canals of Vimaruli village, about 15 kilometers away from Jhalakathi district town. However, in the season of paasarara market Jamjamat market. Every day of the week, from Bikini to Bikini till the evening.

Hundreds of boats are loaded with guava. The vendors find the buyer in the canals here. And most of the buyers are the wholesaler. They came to market with big engine boats. Buy guava from small boats and run them in Dhaka or any other big city.

Vimruli hat sit in a mound of the canal. Three canals have come from three sides here. In the relatively spacious estuary, the fruit growers find the buyers of boats and fruits. Filled Guava guava in all the villages around Vimoruli. From these gardens, the farmers brought the guava in the market directly by boat.

The season of the season comes when the paarara is over. There is also the result of the cultivation of fruits in this region. And finally comes the superiree. Although a little less than the other time of the year is busy. In addition to fruits, the main products of this variety are different vegetables.

There is a small bridge above the canal at the northern end of the floating market. From there the market is very well seen. The interesting aspect is that the size and design of all the boats here are almost the same. It seems as if all boats made of the same craftsman.

The most busy time of Bimoruli Bazar is from 12.12pm to 3pm. During this time the number of boats exceeded a few hundred. It takes about half an hour to get the motorbike from Jhalakathi district headquarters. And it takes an hour to actually take an engine boat.

Kuiyana Bauchahat

Swarupkathite hat It will take hours to get to the engine bikers from Bimoruli, like an hour. The boat is sold to boats. The craftsmen from different parts of the district came here to sell their made boats. Hats are packed with hundreds of boats across huge areas. There are more buyers and sellers on Friday even if they sit for almost every week.

The vendors are waiting for the buyer to float in the canals with a few small boats on top of a big boat. Boats of different sizes are available from 1 thousand to 10 thousand taka. Hats remain throughout the year, but from June to September, the area of ​​the hats increases. Because of the increase in water in different parts of the region due to rainwater, there is a need for boats to move.

Athletic hat

Atghar Pearar Hat, about 4 kilometers away from Kuryiana. It is also a floating market. Farmers came here from small boats with guava in different places. As soon as the market arrived, boats were sold. Because the peasants are waiting for the farmers here.

The market is also bigger in size. Large papaya gardens can be seen in the neighborhood, while small small canals. The farmers entered the nallah with small boats and collected guava from the trees. Besides, the farmers also get their drinks and sell them.


How to go

You can go to Dhaka from Jhalokati on river and road. You can also go on a steamer. At six o’clock in the evening from Dhaka BIWTA rocket-steamer ‘PS mahasuda’, ‘PS Ostrich “,” PS Lepcha “and” PS-ons’ leave.

Swim steamers on weekdays. The first class cabin in the rented house will cost Tk 1,250. The second class cabin will cost Tk 760 per person. Calling the third class at a cost of 190 rupees.

Besides, the ‘MV Tipu’ and ‘MV Sundarban-2’ launches were launched from Sadarghat at 6pm on Friday for Jhalakathi. Rent dual cabin 1 thousand 8 hundred taka Single cabins worth Tk 1,000 and two hundred rupees each.

Jhalakathi AC bus from Gabtali in Dhaka also goes to Sakura Paribahan. Rent is 8 hundred taka Besides, ‘AC’ buses of ‘speed’, ‘Eagle’, ‘Survee’ and ‘Sakura’ transport also go to the buses, Rent 350 to 450 taka. Besides, there are buses of Sugandha Paribahan bus to go to Shalimpur from Dhaka to Jhalakathi.

Engine boats are available from Jhalakathi Launchghat or Wooden wood. A boat for ten people to run for the whole day is worth 15 to 2 thousand taka. It is better to ride in engine boat than motorbike in this way.


Where to stay

You can return all day from Jhalakathi again in the evening. If you want to stay in the city, the general quality of the city is the only hope. One of the hotels in this city is ‘Dhanasiri Rest House’ at Kalibari Road, ‘Arafat Boarding’ in Lathas Patti, ‘Halima Boarding’ on Sadar Road. Rent 1 to 250 taka

But if you want to stay in a hotel you will have to go to Barisal Sadar. Distance from Jhalakathi, which is about 20 kilometers away.

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