Faiz Lake Park in Chittagong

Faiz Lake Park  is a man-made lake located in the Pahartali area of ​​Chittagong. Faiz Lake Park  is a great place to enjoy and entertaining, attracting thousands of local and international visitors. Lake was excavated by the Assam-Bengal Railway Company in 1924 for use as a pond of Chittagong. The lake was named after the British engineer who was very helpful in designing it. Fayez Lake is built by building a dam from another mountain across a narrow valley.

Faiz Lake Park

There is a lot to see in this lake. For children, there are various types of rides, as well as the stars will find the hills, lake and all the enchanting environments. The mountains around the region and the middle of the heart are Arunamayi, Godhuli, Akashmani, Mandakini, Soulini, Alakananda.

On the banks of the hood, the rows of boats will be seen. It takes ten minutes to go to the boat. After that, it will be seen on both sides of the green hills, sometimes a couple of birds and the names which are not known birds. In addition to the delightful environment, the deer roaming place. To attract tourists a small zoo was placed at the entrance to the Fayej Lake. The biggest attraction of the Lake of Faiz is the beauty of the lake and its surrounding hills.

An amusement park has recently opened at Fayz Lake. The Amusement Park is designed by Concord Group. Lake boat travel, landscapes, restaurants, floating stage concerts, scenic walkways and many other fun and enjoyable things. Visitors can take a boat ride to enjoy the romantic scenes of the lake.

The recreation park has 2 high slides, and high-speed roller coasters and bumper boats. There is a leisure center where there are some things for people of different ages and rituals. People can have peace and tranquility as well as peace and tranquility on the Faiz Lake. ‘Sea World’ is a water theme park of Fayz Lake located in the heart of Chittagong. All that is expected as splash pool, water cartridge rider and world-class theme parks are all in the sea world.

Although the entrance to the Fauze Lake Entertainment World has changed completely from the side of Chittagong, the lake’s natural beauty is still very clear. So many visitors enjoyed the amusement park, and many enjoyed the natural beauty of the Fayze Lake.

How to score

Easy access to the Phoez Lake bus, auto rickshaw, tempo or personal vehicle. Going from the city center to the rickshaw in 30/40 minutes.

Entry fee

Adult – 120 rupees

Children – 60 Taka

Opening time

10 am to 30 minutes

Closing time

Saturday to Thursday until 6pm

Friday and Saturday until 7pm

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