Eid-ul-Azha Festival in Bangladesh


This is the second most vital church festival of Muslims in People’s Republic of Bangladesh. folks conjointly decision it “Qurbani Eid” in here. this can be the tenth day of jill-hajj, the twelfth month of Moslem calendar. This competition is to commemorate the disposition of Prophet patriarch (a) to sacrifice his son as associate act of submission to Allah’s command. Bangladeshi Muslims sacrifice their cattle like cows and goats throughout the Eid-ul-adha.


cattle market: The main distinction between Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Azhaarea unit the Ramadan and also the Qurbani or sacrifice of cattle. Otherwise the celebrations area unit similar in many ways.

Preparation of Eid: the enjoyment of Eid starts long before with searching. folks purchase new dresses for themselves, their families, friends and fore families. Punjabi is that the most favorite dress throughout Eid for men. For women, its Shari and shalwar kamiz. Eid-ul-Azha gift is incredibly ancient within the country moreover.

Specially within the Eid-ul-Adha there area unit Animal Huts at the known open places (Like fields etc) of the country, folks purchase animals from there for Qurbani.

Sending Eid Cards: this can be a awfully recent tradition of People’s Republic of Bangladesh. folks sends Eid cards before the Eid to their friends and relatives. youngsters area unit typically a lot of enthusiast to gift Eid acknowledgment cards to their friends and cousins. Before Eid, temporary Eid cards and sticker outlets area unit seen everyplace on the streets, youngsters purchase cards in low cost kind there. currently a day’s peoples area unit mistreatment social network or on-line technology to send virtual EID acknowledgment cards.

Going home: Peoples World Health Organization typically return to measure within the major cities for his or her profession goes to their home city or village to celebrate the festivals with their families, relatives and friends.

irrespective of however long the space is, going house is a requirement throughout the Eid-ul-Azha for many. each village home become full throughout this era. folks gathers everyplace within the Streets and Bazars of the house city, they meet with their family, friends, relatives and neighbors, they’ll not have met for months or maybe years. They greet one another and embrace.

Specially from the Dhaka most of the people goes home throughout Eid. folks ought to book their bus, train or launch price ticket long before the journey. All the transports become full throughout then. The fare of the transport tend to rise in several cases in spite of government’s observance and restriction. most are desirous to return home.

Despite all the troubles to rearrange tickets and to travel to home, competition starts now when reaching there. folks forget the troubles after they meet their families and soulmates when some long.

Finding the phase of the moon: Finding the new moon is another excitement throughout Eid-ul-Fitr. It brings suspense to everybody, as a result of the Eid can happen next day if the moon is seen on the evening before.

everybody appearance to the sky or thirstily waits to listen to the news that the moon is seen anyplace within the country. the fun is aware of no certain if the moon is seen that evening. at night is termed “Chand Raat.” If the moon isn’t seen within the ‘chand raat’, Eid are control someday later.

Eid moon: Coloring hands with mehendi: ladies and youngsters color their hands with ‘mehendi’ (hena leaves) before the Eid day. ladies gather to their senior members of the family or relatives, World Health Organization will superbly color their hands with mehendi. youngsters become crazy to once the coloring is completed. They vie with one another on deepness of the colour.

Eid-ul-Fitr In Bangladesh

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