Eid- E-Miladunabi of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a united states of communal harmony. People from any faith sense free to have fun their non secular fairs with a befitting manner and due honour and fervency.Some of the foremost common spiritual fairs ar the Eids, the Eid- E-Miladunabi, the Durga puja, the feast day and also the Budha Purnima.

Eid Un Nabi "E Milad"

The observationce of Milad-un-Nabi is associate necessary Muslim religious diversion. The fundamental quantity itself means that the birthday of the Prophet(Sm) of Islam. however this is often to boot the day of his death.

So, we have a good time this day with combined feeling, Like each and every year, this day used to be celbrated in our scool in a befitting way. For about a week earlier than the ceremony, we worked difficult to make the day a grand success.

A lovely gate was once created at the entrance of the college compound and the faculty building used to be embellished with flags and festoons that had written on them the Kalima-e-Thieba. A Milad Mahfil was organized on this occasion.

It used to be attended by way of students, teachers, guardians and other guests, all of them came in their finest costume in a festive mood. The chief visitor of the beginning to the cease used to be discussed via the chief guest.

Speakers spoke on the special elements of the Prophet’s existence and explained the value of this day. After the ‘Monajat’, sweets have been disbursed amongst all. Milad-un-Nabi teaches us how Islam the entire code of life can be installed in our life. We have to try take such from the day.

Every faith has an vital spiritual festival, In the religion of Islam there is additionally important competition which is known as Eid-e-Milad-un-Nabi.

This is the day on which the top notch prophet of islam used to be born. This day is additionally sacred and renowned for his death.

So at the moment is found via the Muslims each year with due solemnity. The Milad Mahfil is attend. everyone attend in their best costume (specially pajama and panjabi) in an exceedingly gay mood.

This day is a a very vital for the muslim world because the Milad-un-nabi is the start and death anniversary of the Holy prophet of Islam

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