Durgasagar dighi in Barisal

Durgasagar dighi is a large dighi belonging to Barisal district, south of Bangladesh. About 12 km north of Barisal city, Swarupkathi – Location of Madhabapala on Barisal road. Only wetland size 27 acres.

Durgasagar dighi

The total area of ​​45.42 acres of land along with the adjoining side and land. [1] In 1780, fifteenth Raja of Chandradvipa, Shiv Narayan dug this huge reservoir. Durgasagar is named after its wife Durgamati.

In 1974, the Dighi was re-organized by the then government government. At present, Barisal District Administration Dighi is supervising a project called “Durgasagar Dighi Development and Bird Sanctuary”.

The entire dighi is surrounded by a high boundary wall. There are two gates to enter these two sides. In the middle of the dighi there is a small wooded island.

In the winter there is the arrival of guest birds. On the eighth day of Chaitramas, Hindu religious people gathered here for holy baths.

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