Dumlong Mountain in Rangamati

Location of Dumlong Mountain at Bilaimari in Rangamati It is the first highest in Rangamati and the highest mountain in the country. Although the second position in the GPS readings is the drastic or drug maulal.

Dumlong Mountain

However, wherever the peak of progress in the height of the competition, every hill is different from the drug, different from the attraction, colors are different. So all the mountains are important in the traveler’s list.

For this thriller trekking you can choose Dumlong. The entire area of ​​Bilaiichari is unique in converting. To go beyond the Maya lake Kaptai. Once again, it is also possible through the lake and along the pond. The two paths are beautiful and beautiful.

Baishakh is passing through Chaitra’s day Ashok, Kishnachura, boiling on the hills in the hills. How many more do not know the name flower. Fountains of dancing in the rain raging are the fountains. This is the time! Read out on a holiday.

How to go
If you go to Bilichari, you will go straight from the Kaptai jetty from Dhaka. From there, the boat was bilaichari. Or go to Bandarban. From Ruma Bazar to Baga Lake, Pukurpar. From there, Bileichari

1. Dumbaalong Wild Hills of remote areas Of course, before starting to take medication for malaria.

2. Wear good shoes. Not expensive. Bandarban, Rangamati Pearson, plastic shoes named Pegasus. Only Tk 120.

3. With pancakeela and other medicines.

4. Be prepared for rain anytime.

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