Dhuppani fountain in Rangamati

The huge Dhuppani fountain has recently taken the attention of many pilgrims to the romance of Bilihari. Dhaupanga is the word of Dhup means white and water is only water. When it comes down from a very high level of height, the water of the fountain becomes nothing but white water, so its name can be understood by color.

Even after being so beautiful, the fountain had long been behind the scenes. In 2000 a Buddhist came here to meditate for meditation. His purpose was to worship God in a non-living environment. In the meantime, residents of nearby areas came to know about him and came here to serve him. The fountain is getting started in this way.

The incubator height of the earth is 150 meters. The fountain of water comes from two kilometers away. In the rainy season you will find that its existence. But not any time, just go to the fountain on Sunday. As a place of religious worship, the silence of the famous incense is liked by the silence. He came down on Sunday only. For the remaining 6 days, traveling to keep the deep meditation uninterrupted.

How to go
From Kaptai jetty bus directly from Dhaka. After going to Kaptai jetty, the trawler will go to Bilaiichari. You can rent the full trawl and also go to the local trawler. During the departure of the local trawlers, 8 am to 30 pm and 1 pm. You can eat and drink from Bilaiichari. Take some dry food along with it. Because the rest of the way is still a lot.

Take the boat rent from Bilaiichari to Uluchhari. It will take two to two and a half hours to cross this river. Take the guide from Uluchhari. There are some more ways to be in the boat. Then you will reach Dhuppani. It’s 2 hours to walk. The location of this celestial spring 200 meters below the Dhuppani para.
Where will it be
There is a cottage for staying in Bilaihari. Short-stay accommodation and eating will both be arranged.

The fountain is in many urban areas. So do not go without guides. Take good shoes for trucking. Before you can get the antibodies to the malaria. Keep your national identity card with other things you need.

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