Dhaka International Export Fair

Dhaka International Export Fair : A honest is a massive scale exhibition of products of arts, crafts , agriculture and enterprise to the visitors. An export honest or an global change truthful is a large gathering of global nature for the show of industrial items to the overseas customers to get them acquainted with the exportable objects of a country.

Dhaka International Export Fair

It helps a united states to earn overseas alternate barring which she can’t import such goods as are indispensable for nearby consumption. It strengths financial ties between the host us of a and the foreign participants.

Besides the human beings of the host us of a have an probability to recognize the quality of a number local products and compare these with overseas manufactures.

Position of Bangladesh: Bangladesh is making her export role consolidated in the aggressive worldwide marker, dealing with all sorts of challenges springing up out of the globalization of the economic system as nicely as trade. In the challenges world the economic situation of the u . s . a . has been steadily attracting the attention of the overseas butters due to the fantastic of export merchandise and helping diversity of the exportable items.

Background of the fair: The International exchange honest was once held on first December in 1995, in Dhaka. The venue used to be Sher-e-bangla nagar premises. It was once underneath the supervision of Bangladesh Export Promotion Bureau. Items of one-of-a-kind international locations such as host country Bangladesh were exhibited. From this Dhaka International Trade Fair started out its adventure.

The initiative of Export promoting Bureau: The International Trade Fair has been taking region in the capital when you consider that 1995. Under the joint auspices of the Ministry of commerce and the Export Promotion Bureau (EPB). To recall, the first export fair in the united states of america was once held at Cox’s Bazar in 1976.

Later it persevered taking vicinity many times at Chandrima in the capital till 1986. After the interval of the many years the national capital International Trade honest is usually being control at She-e-bangla Nagar with goal of sticking out neighborhood merchandise to consumers from home and abroad. the primary DITF was control in associate degree location of twelve hundred thousand rectangular feet. within the consecutive years the region accustomed be extended.

The buyers, traveler and participants: The quantity of participants and traffic in the trade truthful has been growing each and every year. In 1995, a total of 68,665 humans visited the fair. The range favorably increased to 25 lacs in the yr 2003. The quantity of site visitors increased further in 2004 in spite of a range of hartals via the opposition. A fire broke out in the truthful premises, which motives difficulty amongst the participants.

It gutted five stalls in the fair. In the remaining DITF several friendly international locations cherish Republic of India, china, Japan, European nation, Malaysia, Indonesia, Choson and different nations participated. They displayed models of their exportable merchandise and availed themselves of the likelihood to popularize their merchandise with importers from exceptional countries.

Exhibition of Bangladeshi products: As the host country, Bangladesh exhibited agricultural and other products. Bangladesh being an agricultural united states famous a good wide variety of agricultural products like carpets, mats, show-pieces, bags, ready made garments, Rajshahi silk, Dhakai Muslim, leather-based goods, tea, processed food etc. Non-traditional objects like flowers, reduce flowers and other cottage industries had been exhibited in the fair. Works of art, crafts, handicrafts and industrial merchandise are positioned at exceptional corners of the fair.

Temporary stalls and restaurants of elegant suitable for eating gadgets are installed to make site visitors acquainted with varieties of foods. There are also arrangements for pastime of the site visitors acquainted with attaining higher precedence in facts science sector. A wide variety of corporations have been working on laptop and they have already produced pc programming in Bangla letters. This is a incredible success in our SMS technology. Its commercial element is very much attainable in the export subject of Bangladesh.

Economic and commercial value: International change honest has significance from many sides. Such type of initiative has been growing economic flourishment of Bangladesh. Trade and commerce will enlarge with foreign nations if we can extend it.

Many foreign international locations take phase in this fair. If our neighborhood goods are exhibited in the fair, their demand will amplify in the international markets and as a end result a lot foreign foreign money can be earned. It offers scope to the businessmen and industrialists of the host u . s . to recognize their counterparts in different parts of the globe, to be aware of their mode of discuss and method and above all dealings.

Cultural Value: The visitors get a truthful threat to enjoy themselves on charge of a small rate at the entrance. They get an possibility to recognize guys , manners, fashions and subculture of distinct nations and nations barring project the bother of private visit to the stated countries. Consequently there occurs the friendly trade of social and cultural relationship between the host and visitor countries.

International trade truthful is very a great deal beneficial for developing exchange of our countries. It must be held every 12 months to encourage the importers structure international locations to import items from our country. It will widen scope for the sale of industrial items and will thereby create market for our exportable good.

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