DB Haor in Sylhet

DB Haor Jaintapur of Sylhet has a divine haor. Name db haor Shapla fair now across Haor Our national flower is on the way to the end of the red chapler season. But if DB is haor but it does not seem to be so. In the morning, there were countless flowers on the laugh, countless tourists traveling in the boat to meet them.

DB Haor

Shapla bill is also in Bangladesh. But the specialty of the DB haor is that, after the haor, the hill rows. This Haor is located on the foothills of the Meghalaya hills on the India-Bangladesh border. In addition to the natural aspect of beauty, it is also important from the historical aspect of Dibir. Jaintaraja domination in Jaintipur of Sylhet There are 4 haors in the memory of Raja Singh Singha, here. DB haor, yam, hargakata, centri bill All of them are called DB haorai.

The huge red pavilion spread over the vast ocean, sunil sky above, the clouds floating on the top of the hill of Meghalaya, what else would I want? There is a temple in the middle of the bill. He is more than 200 years old. This haor is a king of Jainta kingdom who was drowned. It is built in memory of this temple.

Winter now So you may be tempted to see migratory birds in DB haor. Do not be frustrated. Birds will be seen now. Many migratory birds come every year DB haor The area has not yet turned into a tourist area. So there is no doubt about the primitive taste of nature.

Low cost DB Haor:

Bus: Sylhet buses from Dhaka to Gabtali and from Sayedabad. Greenlines, Saudia, S Alam, Shyamoli buses travel through Mohakhali, Fakirapul. After 6 o’clock in the morning to 1 a.m., the bus exits immediately afterwards. Rent non-AC 400 to 400 rupees AC 800 to 1100 taka

Train: You will get Sylhet-bound train from Kamlapur. Intercontinental Train Parabat Express will leave at 6:40 pm daily without Tuesday. Apart from Wednesdays, the Wanban Express leaves at 9:50 pm every day of the week. Jayantika Express left at 2pm. It has no holidays. Apart from this, the Koli Express will be discontinued at 4 pm, except on Friday. Rent is Tk 150-1000.

Sylhet Sobhanighat to go to Japhantangami bus Jaintiapur Shapla bill from Tantam or rickshaw from Jaintapur market. Bill will get boat at Tk 200-250.

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