Curzon Hall in Dhaka

Curzon Hall ,We believe that the pictures of a building float in front of Dhaka University. And that is Curzon. Because this building is a witness to many of our history. Curzon is a historic building located in the capital of Dhaka, Bangladesh, which is recognized as the archetype. It is currently being used as a class of science and biological science faculty and examination hall of Dhaka University.

Curzon Hall


On February 14, 1904, the founder of the then Viceroy and Governor General of India, George Curzon, laid the foundations. After the announcement of the partition of Bengal, the importance of buildings in Ramna area to build Dhaka as the provincial capital was one of the most important ones.

It is known that Curzon was built as Town Hall. But Sharifuddin Ahmad has shown in an article that this idea is wrong. It is built as a library of Dhaka College. And paid for the construction of the Prince of Bhawal.

Dhaka Prakash of 1904 wrote, “Dhaka College will be transferred to Nimtoli. Principal doctor Dr. Roy Mahasaya was very careful to build a library with this college. On the occasion of the arrival of Baralat Bahadur, the Prince of Bhawal has donated 1.5 million rupees for the construction of a common library named ‘Curzon Hall’ for the sake of remembrance of Lord Curzon Bahadur in this region.

When the partition was postponed in 1911, the students of Dhaka College were being taken to Curzon Hall. Later, when the University of Dhaka was established in 1921, Curzon Hall was included in the Department of Science of Dhaka University, which is still being used.


In 1904, Lord George Nathaniel, the Viceroy of India, laid the foundation stone of the Curzon Curzon Hall and named after it, Curzon Hall was named after him. The building has been added to the striking blend of European and Mughal architectural styles, partly to Muslim architecture.

Black-colored brick used to be outside the building. Its archways and domes are made up of modern architecture and Mughal structures.

How to go:

If you live in another district, you must first come to Dhaka city. Then anyone from the other side of Dhaka will be shown to anyone in the High Court area, Shahbagh area or Old Dhaka area, or by transporting any local transport, if you talk about Curzon Hall of Dhaka University.

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