COX’S Bazar beach in Bangladesh

COX’S Bazar beach is the foremost stunning traveller spots for People’s Republic of {bangladesh|Bangla Desh|East Pakistan|Asian country|Asian nation} and now not just for Bangladesh it is the longest ocean sea-coast within the world .

 COX'S Bazar beach
Seventy-five miles (120 kilogram miters sandy ocean seacoast with a delicate slop).COX’S Bazar beach and it’s the the traveller capital of Bangla Desh.visit beach is that the foremost reason that is shark free and wonderful for bathing, swiming & sun-bathing.

Cox’s Bazar ocean seaboard is thronged nearly through out the year. it’s an honest place for bathing. Anyone can go there every via air and road from national capital and port.

COX'S Bazar beach
Cox’s Bazar is a small town. But the herbal beauty of the town is very charming. The local weather of this vicinity is very fine. The Bay of Bengal lies on the south of it. There is a high standard visitor centre at this place.

There are correct preparations for the stay of the travelers of extraordinary international locations of the world. Many foreigners come to this place. The human beings of the area are very gentle. A lot of fish is reachable there.
COX'S Bazar beach
Equire about Tidie time table earlier than taken your bath
Don’t bathtub be youd knee-deep water
contact beach police for any emergency
wish you a completely satisfied & fun holyday
thanks you for traveling our beach

Bangladesh POLICE
Tourist are at your service
Help Line: 018141-666664, 01971-726666

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