Chittagong Sea Port in Bangladesh

Chittagong Sea Port is the main sea port of Bangladesh located in the Chittagong city of south-eastern Bangladesh. It is situated in the mouth of the Karnaphuli River.

Chittagong Sea Port

At the beginning of the British rule, the English and local traders constructed a wooden jetty in the Karnafuli river at their own expense in exchange for an annual salam of rupees. After the first two temporary jetties were built in 1860 AD. In 1877, Chittagong Port Commissioners were formed.

In 1888 two Mooring jetties were constructed at Chittagong port. Chittagong port commissioner came into effect on April 25, 1888. [2] Between 1899-1910, Chittagong Port Commissioner and Assam Bengal Railway jointly built four permanent jetties. [3] In 1910, the railway connection with the Chittagong Port was achieved.

Chittagong Port was declared a Major Port in 1926. [4] During the Pakistan period, Chittagong port commissioner was turned into Chittagong Port Trust in July 1960, during the Bangladesh period, Chittagong Port Trust was turned into Chittagong Port Authority in September 1976. [5] It is an autonomous government agency.

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