Central Shahid Minar in Bangladesh

Central Shaheed Minar 1952 Language Movement Smritisadha It is located on the outskirts of the Dhaka Medical College in the heart of Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka. Every year on 21st February thousands of people attend here to pay homage to martyrs of language movement. It is one of the tourist points in the center of Dhaka.

Central Shaheed Minar

The first Shaheed Minar was built very fast and unimaginably unplanned. The Dhaka Medical College students started the memorial monument in the afternoon on February 23, 1952 and completed it in the night. The news of Shaheed Minar was sent to the paper on that day. In the memory of Shaheed Bir – this title was published in the daily Azad newspaper, news of Shaheed Minar. [1]

The minaret is made at the eastern edge of the medical student hostel (barrack) bar number shed. Aside from the middle of the street in the middle of the hostel. The purpose is to be easily seen from the outer street, and from any shade it comes out of the way while standing on the long stretch of the road.

The Shaheed Minar was 10 feet high and 6 feet wide. GS Sharfuddin (known as Engineer Sharfuddin) was supervised by Badrul Alam; Along with Saeed Haider. They assisted two masons. Cement was brought from the warehouse of the brick, sand and piru sardar of old Dhaka for the extension of medical college. After dawn, the minaret is covered with a cloth.

On that day, the father of martyr Shafiur inaugurated the Shaheed Minar informally on February 24 morning, February 22. Azad secretary Abul Kalam Shamsuddin inaugurated the Shaheed Minar on 10th February morning. The police and army medical students surrounded the hostel on 26 February, the day of the opening and broke the first martyr’s monument. Then a Shaheed Minar was made in Dhaka College, which was also broken down at the government’s order. [1]

Finally, after the recognition of Bengali one of the state languages ​​of Pakistan, the construction of the Central Shaheed Minar was started in 1957. It was designed by Bhaskar Hamiduzzaman. But in 1958 Field Marshal Ayub Khan stopped the work of the Central Shaheed Minar after issuing martial law in Pakistan. Later, the construction work of the lieutenant general Azam Khan was restarted. Professor Dr the Vice Chancellor of Dhaka University.

A committee headed by Mahmud Hossain oversees the construction work. The main design is to finish the quick construction of the truncated cut. Original Design Fountain and Novara Ahmed’s Mural etc. are excluded. The construction work was completed in the beginning of 1963. On 21 February 1963, the new Shaheed Minar was inaugurated by Hasina Begum, mother of Abul Barkat, one of the martyrs of Language Movement. [[1]

Laid the foundation of the foundation

In the year 1956, under the Chief Minister of Abu Hossain government, the selection and foundation laying of the central Shaheed Minar was established. The then Purna Secretary (Minister) Mr. Abdus Salam Khan finally selected a place for establishing the foundation stone of ‘Shaheed Minar’ at the Medical College hostel premises. [1] [2]

On 21st February, 1956, a minister was supposed to lay the foundation stone of ‘Shaheed Minar’ in the hands of the minister, but the people present in it strongly protested and laid the foundation stone of this memorial with Basiran, a 6 year old girl of Shaheed Rickshaw driver Awal.

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