Birds of Bangladesh

Birds of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a beautiful and agricultural birds country. So it has a lot of food grains.

Besides, it has loads of fruits, fishes, insects, trees, Birds,bushes, farests, pikers and marshy rivers.

All these things have made this country an perfect home for birds to live in . Birds have elevated its beauty more. We sleep at night and upward thrust early in the morning hearing the candy songs of one-of-a-kind birds.

Different kinds : In Bangladesh we have different sorts of birds in our country. They are unique in colour, size and habit. They are divided into many classes.

Teasing birds: The crow is a teasing bird. It is a very common chook in Bangladesh. It is very clever. It appears ugly. Yet it is useful. Itfeeds on useless animals and dirty things. The kite is additionally of the same addiction and nature.

Song birds: The cuckoo , the shyama , the deol, the koel, the mayna, the nightingale and many others are known as track birds. The cuckoo is the most famous of all track birds. It comes in our us of a at the beginning of spring.

The Game birds: The dove, the pigeon, the snipe, the heron, the pankauri ar frequent recreation birds. they’re well-known for his or her flesh.

Birds of prey: The vulture and the hawk are birds of prey. They live on flesh and fish. These birds have eager eyes and sharp nails.

The tailor birds: There are some birds which construct their nests with high-quality skill. These kinds of birds are known as tailor birds. The swallow, the tuntuni and the babui are the tailors birds.

Domestic birds : the pigeon, The bird and the duck are domestic birds, they provide us flesh and eggs.

Usefulness:The birds area unit terribly useful to USA Birds area unit our natural wealth. they’re useful and helpful to USA in many ways. we’d like to not kill chook arbitrarily. we tend to take fascinating care of the 2

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