Bhawal National Park in Bangladesh

The location of the Bhawal National Park, about forty kilometers away from Dhaka. The expanse of the garden in Sadar and Sreepur upazilas of Gazipur district. There are several entrances to the garden in the right hand of Joydevpur crossing right away to go somewhere near Mymensingh.

Bhawal National Park

There are several entrances, but the entrance to the right is an eye-opener for everyone. Two-dimensional elephant on the two sides of the gate, covered with terracotta gate – this is the main gate of the Bhawal National Park.

The Bhawal National Park is basically the tropical fall tree tree forest. Every tree of the park is covered with trees on the tree. The path to walk in the middle of the horse tree. If you are tired of walk, there is a rest for your seat or camp. Somewhere between the forest, rice fields will be seen anywhere. Somewhere in the pond or lake again.
Besides, there are 19 flats and cottages in the Bhawal National Park. Their names are very interesting. Champa, Jasmine, Orchid, Rajnegandha, Shapala, Malancha, Golap, Madhavi, Bakul, Jasmine, Chameli, Belly, Ananda-1, Anand-2, Ananda-3, Tarnanti and Kaya.
Besides, there are 31 banquet stations in the forest.

Bhawal National Park

These are Sonalu, Palash, Kanchan, Mahua, Shimul-1, Shimul-2, Shiuli-1, Sheyoli-2, Niribili-1, Niribili-2, Niribili-3, Niribili -4, Banasree-1, Banasree-2, Banasree- 3, Banasree-4, Banarupa-1, Banarupa-2, Banarupa-3, Kadam, Vacation-1, Vacation-2, Vacation-3, Vacation-4, Vacation -5, Vacation-6, Vacation -7, Vacation- 8, Vacation-9, Vacation-10 and Joy.

Their environment is different from the names of different amazas. To use picnic spot or cottage, the advance booking will be done from Mohakhali office of forest department (02-9899497).

Bhawal National Park

Once in the Bhawal Udyan, black panther, leopard tiger, peacock, elephants were found. These are history now Due to continuous forest degradation, due to the scarcity of the day, the extinction of the forest has been extinct from the forest, many wildlife. But the Bangladesh government took the initiative to preserve this forest, after independence.

According to other national parks in the world, this park was established officially in 5022 hectares of land in 1973-74. However, it was officially declared as National Park in 1982.

The main plant of the Bhawal National Park is the shawl. There are about 220 species of plants in this forest. Of these 43 species of different species of trees, 19 species of shrubs, three species of palm, 27 species of grass, 24 species of trees, 104 species of medicinal plants. There is no shortage of biodiversity in this forest. There are about 13 species of mammals, nine species of reptiles, five species of birds and five species of amphibians.

How to go

On my way from Dhaka to Mymensingh bus, the boat came down in front of the gate of the Bhawal National Park. Besides, there are a number of buses, including Gulistan, from morning to morning, and many other buses including the transit of Bansri. Rent 60 to 80 taka

When on his own vehicle, Joydevpur crossing the intersection and reaching Mymensingh, its main entrance will be on the right hand side of the hand.

The cost

The entry cost of Bhawal National Park is Tk 10 each. When entering the vehicle, the price is to be paid at a fixed rate. Dotala buses worth Tk 400, buses worth Tk 200, Microbus Tk 100, Private car 60, auto-rickshaw Tk 20.
In addition to the use of the forest watch tower or the children’s park, two people will need it.
Necessary information

Bhawal National Park is open every day from sunrise to sunset. During the travel, there is no restriction on playing microphone or high-sounding machines inside the park. Besides, prohibition of behaviors that wild animals are annoyed.

Bird hunting in the forest or lake fishing is a criminal offense. Some areas are quite lonely in the forest. It is dangerous to go to these places.

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