Balda Garden Park in Bangladesh

Balda Garden Park was built by landlord Narendran Narayan Chowdhury. Narendran Bagan started the work in 1909. Works continued till 1940.Balda Garden Park  After the death of Narendra Narayan in 1943, the garden was handed over to a trust under the control of the Calcutta High Court. From 1951 to 1962 it was under the supervision of the court of wards of the Pakistan government. In 1962 the forest department got control.

Balda Garden Park

Narayan’s house was named ‘Culture’. Next to it were two gardens named ‘Saiki’ and ‘Sebili’. The two of the two gardens are known as the Balladha Garden. It is located in old Dhaka’s Wari. Its area is 3.38 acres. From 8.00am to 12.30pm and open from 2:00 pm to 6:20 pm This garden is open to all.


Balda Garden Park Ticket Counter

There are 1 ticket counters on the left side of the main gate. The line does not require a ticket cut, but on the official holidays or special day lines will be held at noon. The ticket price for all is the same as 15 taka Tickets for children of 2 years are not required. Friday and Saturday are more than crowds. The crowd is more crowded at noon.
The two parts of the garden are ‘Saiki’ and ‘Sibley’.


Psycho part

Access to this section is reserved. Its main attraction is a shade house filled with red, blue, white, yellow species of Shapala, a shadow house with rare species of native-foreign cactus, orchid, enumerium, diverse bakul, amazon lily and artificial surfaces.

The main attraction of the Sybil’s part is the Sankshankar Pond, Chamelia, Gold Ashoka, African Tulip and Surghaghari, Joy House and Fern House. There are also 25,000 plants of 672 species in the Balladha Gardens. Here are the trees of almost 50 countries around the world. Only Roses were 200 species. There was a separate collection of cactus. There are also Krishnabat, Camelia, Bharoj patro, Amajan, Lili etc.

7. The rare tree is called Bronx Felsia. It will enter the Garden Gate and go straight to the right.

8. There are also some common trees. For example – Kamranga, Diverse Rabber, Togar, Hori, Bahra, Dua, Buddha Coconut, Bottlapam, Sweet Tetul, Bhadra, Raj Ashok, Jamrul, Saphida, Date, Supriya.

9. There are no food corners and restaurants in the garden.

10. There is a setting of sun clock inside the garden. Time can be seen through the sun. It is located in the gate 80 to 100 yards. Near the left side of the road there is a sand pond.

11. The authority of the garden security is seen. Sometimes police protection is also protected. Besides, about 10-15 people are engaged in the safety of garden and other activities. According to the forest department, there are 13 people here.

12. Hawk entry in the garden. There is a toilet arrangement for the visitors, on the left side of the garden.

13. The probability of experiencing an embarrassing situation is very low. But due to the entry of young boys and girls, authorities have patrolled there.


The reasons for the visit

Many people come here with family members to spend time. Many students of the college come to the assignment on different plants. But many nature lovers come to enjoy the beauty of nature and introduce them to different trees of children.

Another special aspect of this garden is that world famous Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore wrote his famous poetry, Camelia, in this garden.

Jewelery is no longer in the heart of the Garden. Much faded. Necessary care is not taken as well for the maintenance of the garden. Even then, a little bit of relief in the current Dhaka, still the Mandalha Garden Trust for a little bit of joy.

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