Bagha Shahi Mosque in Rajshahi

Bagha Shahi Mosque is one of the historic monuments of Bangladesh. This mosque is located in Bagha upazila, 48 kilometers away from the city of Rajshahi.

Bagha Shahi Mosque

Bagha upazila with some of your important information. Bagha is an oldest city in north Bengal. History is proven and its authenticity is proven from historical perspectives. In this ancient city of Padma, there are historical “Shahi Mosque” whose inscriptions, craftsmanship attracted people from festivities.

Over a period of time, the place has been known as one of the tourist centers and used for the public. It is known from the documentary that 1523-154 CE (Hijri 930), Hussein Shah’s son Nusrat Shah mosque was built. The length of the mosque is 80 feet and width is 36 feet. The mosque stands on the 04 pillars of black stone, on which there are four gumbles on the roof, 2 large walls and 01 small Mehrab.

The interior of the mosque and the outside wall decorated with bricks made of Arab craftsmanship. Whose portrait is decorated with fifty rupees notes of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. There is a large lake on the north-east side of the mosque. Which is equivalent to the mosque.

Dingee length …. Mile and width is 600 feet. The water of the lake is very transparent and it is well-decorated by various species of trees. In winter, many guests from Siberia have gathered in this lake. Whose beautiful scenery and the archeological sites of the mosque have been known as tourism centers.

Archaeological patterns and their crafts are playing an important role as transport providers to the people. There are also numerous shrines of Shaheed Sufi and the shrine of Mazar Sharif.

Those who have not yet seen the Bagha Shahi mosque, hopefully they will definitely come to see this historical monument. We request you to inform us of your valuable feedback and information about this mosque.

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