Annanda Resort & Picnic Spots in Gazipur

Annanda Resort & Picnic Spots  ,The famous Kaliakoir resort of Gazipur is ‘Ananda’. Anand Resort has a very similar emotional relationship with the name. Attempts have been made to bring all the ingredients for joy here.

Annanda Resort & Picnic Spots

Not just by eye, but riding on different rides will be a joy to see here. This luxurious accommodation is a feature of the luxury resort, which offers direct fishing from fish to fish. This opportunity for fish hunters must be extra. Time to cut off the rod and wait for the fish.

Apart from this, there are many materials for children’s play. There is a swimming. 42 Bigha high-low elevation ground is built on the Anand Resort. Its location is located in Talaoli area of ​​Sinaabahi in Kaliakoir. There are several species of fruit trees and 6 cottages.

Rent: The quota for the quotes is 3 thousand to 10 thousand taka for 24 hours. For picnic or various events, rent will be Tk 70,000 to one lakh.

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