Alutila Guha in Khagrachori

Alutila Guha The amazing natural beauty of the land Lila Hill khagarakhari District. Naisbargika the rich tourism potential and beauty of the mountains known as the queen of hill district of Khagrachari alutila tourist spot. Also known as the domestic and foreign tourists as paharabasira satabacharera alutila batamula and tourism, due to a mysterious cave ‘alutila’ very identity.

Alutila Guha
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Matiranga about 8 km west of Khagrachari district of the city at the center of a mysterious cave alutila Tourism. Locals called god or cave hakara mothers. Tourists, however, are located in the tourist alutila sugar because it alutila cave. It is a well-known tourist center of Khagrachari.

This is a nice picnic spot. So here are crowded throughout the year but remain attached. The incomparable natural beauty, which is the heart of the rolls. Khagrachari district alutila higher than all the mountains. It is the elevation of a mountain-range, but basically it. Arabari mountain alutilara previous name. The maximum height of about 3000 feet from sea level. Sky, mountains and clouds in the atmosphere of friendship between the sorcerer.

If you go first to the mysterious alutila sugange Pruning tourist ticket to enter. Two century-old tree that has both sides of the gate welcomes you. I can not go inside the cave to the east of the sun to go with torches. This is the highest mountain in the form of spiral painted green forests along the road curved row of high mountains and low clouds hiding will steal your heart.

Hamtalei be seen here on the road is a narrow paharipatha minutes. The path turned down the hillsides. ‘Oh you’ll see a small spring down this path. Jhiri spring water going down along the bottom. However, the mountain spring water, people had to confine a dam. They use water, food and other purposes.

You will be the end of the road down the stairs. 350 will be available in the desired got downstairs to the cave alutila. It was down to the cave before alutila guhamukhe hillsides. But now, Bangladesh Tourism Corporation has a paved road. As a result, you can easily walk to the mouth of the cave. It is very rocky caves, so too does step is to move forward. There is no light in the tunnel.

Slippery and rocky bottom of the tunnel. Of a spring flowing beneath. Therefore the cave to go very carefully with torches or lamps. When you will be injured foot slipped. However, there is no fear. The cave is absolutely safe. The mothers hakara alutilara god or nature of the cave is a wonder really noticed. The length is about 350 feet underground tunnel is like a lot to see. Bhitare places have clogged the cave, there is a large stone. Take the time to toss out the other side into the cave for about 15 minutes.

Hotels: Bangladesh Tourism Corporation Khagrachari can stay at the motel. You have to pay for the booking. The necessary phone numbers: 037162084, 037162085 (direct) and Dhaka aphisah + 88029893710 for more information, please visit

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